What our customers have to say...

Studio B Knits Store

"Using the Hopscotch Web allowed me to have a customized template that gave me both a structure within which to design my site so I didn't feel overwhelmed and the freedom to extend my own creative ideas into the look and feel of my website. I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

I put off developing a commercial website for a long time because none of the shopping cart software I was being shown could accommodate my specific wants and needs. Hopscotch Web developers worked with me to insure that on the 'front end,' that part of the website that my customers see, I could present what I wanted to sell in a clear and beautiful way. In addition, I can efficiently manage my entire sales process on the "back end," that part of the website that allows me to track my sales and customer data base. It's just what I was waiting for.

As a 'left-brained' dominant person (and knitter!) I like being able to both fully understand and manage my world. With my Hopscotch Web website, I get to decide and execute how and when updates to my site are made. No more waiting for outside web designers to fit my work into their schedules. And when, occasionally, I do need some assistance from Hopscotch Web, my questions are addressed in a clear and timely manner. I'm a happy camper."

- Betsy Hershberg, store.studiobknits.com

2 Hours of Sunshine

"I love Hopscotch Web for its versatility, its ease of use, and most of all the prompt and extremely courteous customer service. I needed a new solution for a website design and have fallen in love. I will not look any further for web hosting services. I am in the process of moving other sites to Hopscotch Web."

- Valorie Fisher, 2hoursofsunshine.org

Halos of Hope

"Halos of Hope often needs to post breaking news or call to action messages on our website to actively engage and update our followers. Using Hopscotch Web, we have been able to quickly upload new information in minutes and keep our content active and relevant. What used to take us many steps and hours of time, now takes minutes. We're happy to be members of the Hopscotch Web family."

- Pamela Haschke, halosofhope.org

Fiesta Yarns

"In the 13 years I've owned Fiesta Yarns, I would guess I've spent no less than $30,000 on several iterations of my website, none with the ultimate results I was looking for--that my website was always up-to-date and that changes were easy and quick. Every step of the way, I was at someone else's mercy and it was very frustrating. Even when I brought the website design in-house and moved to the #1 open source website platform, I still couldn't make changes because I didn't know enough html. I went for over two years without making any changes or updates to my website....until I found Hopscotch Web.

With Hopscotch Web, I have complete control of my website from top to bottom, and I can make changes in minutes without knowing one string of code. I can add new pages, drag and drop graphics, add shadows, add and edit text on the fly, hyperlink text or graphics, and have a new page live in just minutes. It is empowering! Marketing is SO much easier! Making money is SO much easier! And with the ability to add pdf downloads and multiple colors of an item in the store, it is very versatile but also very logical and easy to shop.

Hopscotch Web has changed the entire future of my company!"

- Jeannie Randolph, fiestayarns.com

Kirkwood Knittery

"Remember how much fun playing hopscotch was when you were a kid? All you needed was a piece of chalk, and a rock. You could, literally, jump right in and play—whether to land on one foot or two was already there for you laid out on the sidewalk. Sure, once you were proficient you could change up the rules yourself to make it as challenging as you wanted, or continue with the easy game. Either way you were guaranteed hours of play. Hopscotch Web works the same way to make your own website design and upkeep as easy and fun as a child's game. 
Here at Kirkwood Knittery our design skills are centered on making beautiful garments knit or crocheted with beautiful yarns. We create things with needles and hooks, not so much with a keyboard and mouse. When we needed to revamp our website, we turned to Hopscotch Web to help us make our branding as visually interesting as our garments. The online tutorials allowed us to jump right in and have a professional website ready to go in just a few hours. The elements of the software are set up to play well with each other, which means you only have to learn something once to use it throughout your website.
Whenever we got confused or flummoxed (or didn't know the right vocabulary to even ask the question) we only had to send a message for Tech Support who responded VERY quickly to help out over the rough spots. Not only was the help helpful, they never make us feel stupid or inadequate for asking. Even when we have to ask more than once because we allow too much time to lapse between using the answer between problems!
Can't draw a straight line with a ruler? No problem, there's a grid system built in for that. Want to add a slide show? Piece of cake, and you can easily change the pictures whenever you want. Having a special event? Just add it with your template that's already built-in to the page. Ready for online sales? Your marketplace integrates from the item list to checkout—it only takes a few clicks of the mouse and some clever descriptions or pictures from you. Seriously, it's easy enough that even a grown-up can do it.
The system has more cool features than we'll probably ever need, but's fun to play with them, and often something we didn't plan on becomes part of the main event. You can always add elements later, knowing they will integrate seamless into the existing website--and you can change it as much as you need offline, before to add it to the live stream. You keep control, too, choosing how, when and where you want messages delivered from the visitors to your site. That's really important these days, because everyone wants what they want as soon as they want it; Hopscotch Web helps us manage our response efficiently.
Wouldn't you like to play Hopscotch Web too?"

- Robyn M. Schrager & Brooke Nico, Kirkwood Knittery 

Myra Wood

"After my web design software was cancelled, I wasn't looking forward to another extended learning curve to start from scratch with something new. Hopscotch Web was the answer! Not only did Hopscotch Web offer an easy to use interface that took no time at all to get up and running, it also gave me design options and tons of widgets to work with that would have been much more complicated with traditional software.I especially appreciate the ability to update my site from any computer, anywhere plus the tech support is great. I can't imagine using anything else!"

- Myra Wood, myrawood.com

Interlacements Yarns

"I love my Hopscotch Web website... it is the easiest and most user friendly around.."

- Tracey Schuh, interlacementsyarns.com